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Paygos is a customizable sales acceleration platform designed to drive incremental revenue, automate manual processes and surface actionable sales data & analytics.
Paygos gives sales teams an unfair advantage.

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Optimized Ordering

Super-charge your current ordering system and sell more.

Scale up with real-time sightlines on inventory, deploy new product offerings and tailor-made promotional programs that spark incremental revenue growth.

Effortlessly upsell products and promotions. Turn every transaction into a charming experience.

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Data & Insights

PAYGOS equips sales reps to sell smarter with meaningful analytics.

Access real-time historical sales data and live inventory data while on the move. Optimize your sales calls on the go, with actionable insights at your fingertips. Save time, sell smarter.

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Sales Acceleration

Volume Incentive Management Platform

We deploy customer 10s of 1000s of customer agreements, manage achievement progress and handle reward disbursements. Paygos helps brands reach incremental customers despite limited sales bandwidth.

Our Integrated Marketing Communications tool sends data-triggered automated communications at critical moments to inspire accelerated deal fulfillment whilst maintaining brand awareness across an extended sales territory footprint.

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Integrated Marketing Communications
Automated emails are triggered precisely when customers stand on the brink of reward thresholds, for each account.

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Training Incentive

The revolutionary solution from PAYGOS that transforms incentivized Training into a loyalty-building journey.

Elevate your customer engagement, and buy-in. PAYGOS creates a platform to seamlessly manage Training modules with personalized touches. Loyalty+ goes above and beyond by not only managing training loyalty programs but also seamlessly process client payments, ensuring a charming and stress-free experience.

Encourage progress and deepen an enchanted connection to your Brand.

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Break free from tedious and outdated returns processes.

  • Paygos enables product Return and Replacement for new products. Reclamation is handled securely and in alignment with company guidelines.
  • Transactions are validated with image capture and scanning technology, taking your sales reps out of the process.
  • Effortlessly upsell products and promotions. Turn every return transaction into a charming experience.
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