Case Study:

Driving Sales Impact and Efficiency with Paygos

The Challenge

Sandoz, a global leader in pharmaceuticals, encountered challenges whereby the manual process forced Territory Managers to spend too much time during sales calls addressing product returns instead of generating promotional orders. The manual process of accounting and documenting product return quantities and details on paper led to human errors and sluggish processing, consuming valuable time and resources.

Sandoz policy also requires specific calculations per product with include territorial pricing and percentage deduction. This inefficiency not only impacted operational effectiveness but also resulted in decreased customer satisfaction due to delays in order processing and return handling.

The Solution

Sandoz implemented Paygos Returns Management Solution– a comprehensive technology platform tailored to Sandoz’s return procedures, encompassing interfaces for product returns, percentage deductions, and payment controls. The Paygos solution streamlined the product return selection and entry process, introduced approval process for control, and built validation steps that ensures compliance with Sandoz returns policy.


  • 40%

    Increase in
    Sales Visits

  • 10%

    Reduction in Returned
    Goods Per Year

The Outcome

Territory Managers benefitted the most from Paygos Solution. Nearly 40% of their visit time has moved from the Return Process to promotional opportunities. By leveraging Paygos, Sandoz not only optimized returns processing but also upheld its dedication to maintain product quality, and customer satisfaction. This change has encouraged Sandoz to pursue more promotional programs than they had previously. Sandoz has managed to target various market segments and rearrange the schedules of their Territory Managers by implementing streamlined procedures and having access to thorough Returns Management Solution’s data and analytics.

This has led to 10% reduction of returned goods each year. Using Paygos, Sandoz effectively minimized return frequency and control over customer visits. The success of Paygos Returns management solution not only transformed Sandoz Returns, but also earned them recognition for innovation and excellence in leveraging technology to drive operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.


Sandoz was able to reduce pain-points and focus their efforts to growing their business. The implementation of a digital order and return management system not only improved operational efficiency and accuracy but also enhanced customer satisfaction.

Sandoz’s experience serves as a compelling case study for pharmaceutical companies seeking to optimize their operational processes with Paygos Returns Management Solution