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Driving Sales Impact and Efficiency with Paygos

The Challenge

Royal Canin grappled with manual rebate management processes, burdened sales and finance teams dealt with excessive administrative tasks, inefficiencies and customers were frustrated with delayed reward payments.


The Solution

Paygos Sales Acceleration Rebate solution revolutionized Royal Canin’s approach with seamless automation, leading to a 40% reduction in administrative overheads, a 25% decrease in finance operating costs, and a remarkable 30% less time spent on rebate fulfillment disbursement.



  • 40%

    Reduction in Administrative Overhead

  • 30%

    Time Spent on Rebate Fulfillment Disbursement

  • 25%

    Decrease in Finance Operating Costs

The Outcome

With Paygos Sales Acceleration Rebate solution, Royal Canin’s sales and finance teams are thriving, focusing on strategic initiatives and meaningful customer engagements versus having to deal with the historical challenges they experienced with rebate management.

This newfound efficiency gave a boost to performance and enhanced customers’ relationships, elevating Royal Canin’s competitive edge in in serving their customer base.


Royal Canin’s partnership with Paygos is a testament to the transformative power of Paygos technology in rebate management. Experience the difference with Paygos Sales Acceleration solutions and unlock ease and flow for your Volume Incentive Program management.