Case Study: Returns Management Solution

Driving Sales Impact and Efficiency with Paygos

The Challenge

Nestle faced challenges in efficiently managing returns from thousands of their independent customers.

Manual validation, errors and disbursement processes consumed significant time and resources, affecting operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Moreover, ensuring compliance with regulatory and corporate standards added another layer of complexity to their returns management.

The Solution

Paygos Returns Management Solution. A comprehensive technology platform offering interfaces for product returns, payment controls, and regulatory compliance. Paygos seamlessly integrated with Nestle’s existing systems, including their ERP systems, national carriers/transporters, and warehouses and disposal partners.

The Paygos solution eliminated sales rep involvement, automated manual steps and delivered validation & image capture. We deployed turn-key disbursement, ensured regulatory compliance and revolutionized Nestle’s returns management.


  • 50%

    Decrease in Support Staff

  • 20%

    Reduction in Administrative Tasks

  • 15%

    Time Reclaimed for Sales Reps

The Outcome

The impact of the Paygos Solution on Nestle’s operations was profound. Nestle experienced a remarkable 50% decrease in support staff, 20% reduction in administrative tasks, 15% time reclaimed for sales reps.  By leveraging Paygos, Nestle not only optimized returns processing but also upheld its commitment to product quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction. With streamlined processes and access to comprehensive returns data and analytics, Nestle gained valuable insights into customer behavior, return patterns, and product quality issues.

Armed with this information, Nestle effectively minimized return frequency, improved inventory management, and enhanced customer satisfaction levels. The success of Paygos Returns management solution not only transformed Nestle’s Returns, but also earned them recognition for innovation and excellence in leveraging technology to drive operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.