Case Study: PAWsome Growth

Driving Sales Impact and Efficiency with Paygos

The Challenge

In the dynamic and competitive pet food industry, our global client faced the challenge of expanding its reach while fostering customer loyalty.

Implementing a strategic staff feeding and incentivized loyalty program through Paygos proved to be a game-changer. This initiative not only provided the brand with unprecedented control and visibility but also successfully extended its footprint by engaging incremental locations, contributing to enhanced service, brand building, deal fulfillment and increased sales.

Moreover, the program offered valuable data and analytics, empowering the brand with actionable insights.

Notably, the activation of Loyalty programs for 30% of previously inactive accounts resulted in a remarkable 25% growth in the overall number of active accounts. The Staff Feeding program grew 151%. The brand experienced a substantial 19% year-on-year increase in sales, showcasing the program’s effectiveness in driving both customer engagement and revenue growth.


  • 25%

    Growth of active accounts

  • 19%

    YoY increase in Sales

  • 151%

    Staff Feeding program growth

Highlights include