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Driving Sales Impact and Efficiency with Paygos

The Challenge

A National retailer with a legacy in the Canadian market place and long standing presence embarked on the launch of a new retail concept store.

Their primary goals encompassed bolstering operational efficiency, optimizing end-to-end supply chain flow, and seamless management inventory and ordering processes.

The Solution

Paygos, a forefront technology solution provider, brought cutting edge expertise to the table. PAYGOS implemented a bespoke technology solution, incorporating dynamic analytics to empower the retailer with real-time actionable insights. This innovative approach facilitated automated ordering, driven by predictive replenishing logic.

Reps visiting the store saved time managing inventory, processing orders and even outsourced payments.  As a result, the brand experienced a paradigm shift in sales performance, leveraging actionable insights from live data, thus marking a significant stride in operational excellence and efficiency


  • 10%

    Increase in operational efficiency